4  Anybus Configuration Manager

4.1  Introduction

The Anybus X-gateway usually requires only a minimum of configuration during setup, since the on-board network interfaces are configured from the respective networks. Some parameters in the gateway may however need to be adjusted to suit specific networks and applications.
The gateway settings are accessed via the USB port of the X-gateway using the Windows-based application Anybus Configuration Manager.
This section describes only the general features and how to install Anybus Configuration Manager. The network-specific settings are described in detail in the built-in help system and in the documentation for each respective interface.
Anybus Configuration Manager requires Windows XP or later.

4.2  Setup

  1. Download Anybus Configuration Manager and Anybus Transport Provider from
    www.anybus.com/support .
  2. Unzip the contents of each archive in a folder on your computer and double-click on the setup executable, then follow the instructions in the installation wizard.
  3. Connect a USB cable between the computer and the USB port on the X-gateway.
  4. Start Anybus Configuration Manager and select Online > Select Connection.
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    Fig. 9  Select a connection
  5. Select the connection to use for the X-gateway and click on OK. The USB connection will be named Anybus Serial Connection.
    There is normally no need to configure the connection unless you are connected to more than one X-gateway. See the built-in help for more information.
  6. Select Online > Connect to open the connection to the X-gateway.

4.3  Configuration

Once Anybus Configuration Manager has established a connection to the X-gateway, configurations from the unit can be retrieved, viewed and modified.
  1. Select Online > Upload Configuration to retrieve the configuration from the X-gateway.
  2. The configuration can now be viewed and modified as required.
  3. After making changes, select Online > Download Configuration to apply the modified configuration to the X-gateway.
For more information about the various functions and settings, see the built-in help in Anybus Configuration Manager and the documentation for each network interface.
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Fig. 10  Anybus Configuration Manager help menu